“Mysore Suttur Mela” a part of Brahma Kumaris

The 18 feet tall Maha Shivalinga Darshan was organized by the Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Jatra Jubilee celebrations of Sattur Sri Shivaratriswara Shivayogi, famous in Karnataka. It was first recorded at “Wonder Book of World” when it was decorated with 1 lakh LEDs. In addition to the ‘Gyan Darshan’ and the ‘World Transition Exhibition’ and ‘the Permanent Yogic Movie Show’. About 10 lakh people have seen this Shiv linga darshan in the great event that day. Among them were the Swamijis, MLAs, and many others. All local papers have been elaborated. It was one of the most attractive attractions in the huge fair.

Suttur Peetadeeshwar, Chunanagiri Peetadeeshwar and Ex. MLA. Vasu, BK Prabhamani Behn, BK Pranesh Brother, etc., celebrated the light of the lamp.

BK Lakshi Behnji , the head of the Brahma kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mysore, who took part in the program on ‘Agriculture seminar’, said the farmers are happy with the backbone of the country and the life of the farmers, regardless of all these, they will see God in labor. Farmers’ suicides have been increasing in recent years. This is because of lack of support for the crop; farmers should have their minds inner and external solidarity. Humans have to develop patience, courage, and morale, so that they can achieve something. He explained that in the remembrance of the Lord and with good intentions, success is achieved.

At the end of the ceremony, BK Laxmi Behnji was honored with the honor.

More than 50 BK’s from the Brahma Kumari University were present at the same premises and provided the good news of life along with the awareness of the health of people who came to Shiv linga Darshan.

“Design Your Destiny” – Dr.E.V. Swaminathan

The program was organized on the occasion of National Youth Day-12th Jan Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary. Dr. Swaminathan Brother held a talk “Design Your Destiny” @ MMK SDM College for Women, Mysore. Around 300 degree students of the institution attend the session with faculty members.

College Principal Sainath M emphasized the importance of such lively and energized sessions and hope to have more from Brahmakumaris.

Dr. E.V. Swaminathan bhayiji’s touched the student’s heart with his witty and wise expressions and messages. He made the point that Happiness is the key to success and the world is in need of happiness around it. A person can achieve his/her goal when they are happy and it can be achieved when the individual soul frees itself for bondages of mind sets or prejudices. He told Rajyoga is art of becoming raja of self and this meditation is the technology to use mind. He admired the Power of Concentration of Swami Vivekananda and also quoted late Dr. Kalam’s famous lines on ignited minds- the most powerful resource in earth. He told the simple ways to memorize things is by visualizing them within a mental story which will interest and easy to remember. This can be obtained by relaxing mind by practicing Rajyog Meditation.

Lastly he made a commentary based meditation for few minutes.


“Seminar on Stress Management for Security Forces” @ Mysore

‘Inner Foes need to be eliminated for Stability of Mind’

                                -Sqn Ldr Ashok Gaba (Retd)

Mysuru-Jan 11: ‘In recent times people serving in security forces are undergoing more stressful situations than before and incidents of suicide have increased. Complications in human rapport may also be one of the reasons. Many negative emotional traits such as anger, jealousy, depression and others lead to mental fatigue and energy depletion. If one could prevent emergence of such situations in the mind, stability and concentration of the intellect is possible’ opined Sqn Ldr Ashok Gaba (Retd), Chairperson of Security Services Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, Mount Abu.

‘If the people of our country are enjoying a good sleep every night, our security forces have to be commended for their unstinted commitment in guarding against both internal and external enemies. But they are at the same time suffering from mental tension, for which the basic remedy lies in correct and minimal thinking. The negative thoughts in the mind have to be rooted out and positive outlook has to be practiced under all given situations’, he observed.

K.S.Kabbur, Divisional Security Commissioner of Railway Protection Force of South Western Railway, Mysore Division participated as the chief guest and said that such seminars can enhance the efficiency of the officers and staff. Although many trainings are being arranged by the department,  inner strength can only be developed by attending such programs.

Manjeet Kumar, Deputy Commandant of CISF, RBI, Mysore commended the organizers for arranging such training for security forces who are normally an ignored lot in our society. Mental stability is the prime factor in carrying out the duties effectively and such soft skills can be developed during such trainings.

Delegates from City Police, City Armed Reserve, Karnataka State Reserve Police, Railway Protection Force and CISF attended the seminar.

  • Photo caption: L-R: Dr. EV Swaminathan, Management Expert,  Sqn Ldr Ashok Gaba, Chairperson of SSW, KS Kabbur,   Divisional Security Commissioner, RPF, BK Shukla Didi, Director, ORC, Delhi, BK Lakshmiji, Manjeet Kumar, Dy Commandant, CISF, RBI, Naval Commander Shiv Singh and Retd ACP, Krishna Murthy


  • A Cross Section of the delegates participating in the seminar



 1. Seminar on Spiritual Tourism- by BK Kamalesh Behn @ Mahajana PG Centre,Mysuru

  Key Note Speech   :

  • Positivity towards life is spirituality
  • Spoke on new initiative of “Spiritual Tourism” of Shipping Aviation & Tourism Wing (SAT wing) of Brahmakumaris.
  • She distinguished between religious & spiritual tourism.

Guest Speakers:- Cdr. H.N Satish, Mr. Uday kumar, Mr.Lokanathan V, etc..

   Practice of spirituality, inculcating of spiritual values will bring improvised services such as reception, information, facilities etc.

Brahmakumaris are ready to provide training in this aspect & we should fetch max benefit utilizing their service. People from Young age to Old age should imbibe Spiritual values so that hotel business along with other sectors can have multiplier effect reaping high profit.

2. Linking Hearts- @ Brahmakumaris Yadavagiri,Mysuru


Tourism has today developed at an astonishing pace as a successful business. The cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is an important tourist place in the tourism map of India. But the city has to make attempts to attract more visitors, opined BK Meeraji, Vice Chairperson of Tourism Wing of BKs, Mumbai.


Teacher’s Bhatti 2018

BK Nalini Didiji had conducted bhatti for Teachers at GSRC Mysuru from 25th September to 28th September 2018. Around 150 Teachers had participated in this 4 day Silence Bhatti with main theme as “Sarva Siddhi Swaroop Bhatti”.

The most wonderful thing that we experienced during this bhatti was we never felt, we never saw Mamma and Baba. Her unconditional love and affection, for one & all made the atmosphere so vibrant, no one wanted to leave. Her tireless service inspired all the teachers.

It was like learn while play experience. She never did classes to teach in an official pattern, but her simple words of daily instances taught us how to response in adverse circumstances.

Nalini didiji took everyone to Sakar Baba’s time, through shamshan yog, maakan mani, farishta walk etc. All the teachers were really overwhelmed by her presence and filled themselves with treasures of experience.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan 2018 in Mysore

As part of Swachh bharat abhiyaan 2018, Swachhtha hi Seva Hai..campaign was done as per the directions and guidelines received from the HQ & PM office to take this campaign towards ‘mission mode’.

2nd October was chosen to observe the 150th Birthday of Bapuji, in true sense and meaning.

More than 120  members including BKs and college youths joined their hands to make the event remarkable one. There were 3 different public locations identified for the drive

The launch of  campaign was held at Brahmakumaris, Gyan prakash bhavan, Yadavagiri, Mysore.

  • The team cleaned the BackGate stretch of Central Food Technology and Research Institute (CFTRI)
  • Later the team did the cleaning part at Railway station, Mysore division mainly the Circulating area including the Parking slot. 
  • By evening the team moved to Lingadevarakoppal, a village near by the BKs retreat centre. The cleaning was done in the Govt. primary School, campus.


Sri Krishna Janmashtami in GSRC

Divine Greetings For Sri Krishna Janmashtami

As we celebrate our Beloved Deity’s birth. Let’s re-create the magic of his life & times by bringing Heaven…on Earth, where Peace is the religion, Love is the Language, Unity is the culture, Truth is in action, Happiness is …the way of life.

  • Among 500 BK’s and Public’s were participated into this occasion..

Kumar’s and Kumaris Bhatti in Mysore

One week Bhatti  was  conducted to Kumar’s & Kumaris in Gyan Sarovar Retreat Center, Mysore from 27th August  to 2nd September , about 100 Kumar’s and Kumaris were benefited by attending bhatti.

Prof. Swaminathan Bhai from Mumbai took classes to participants. He explainedbasis of Intensive Rajyoga Meditation accompanied with PPT’s, Vedio clippings and yoga commentaries.  All participants observed complete silence during bhatti. Upon completion of bhatti, a quiz competition was arranged covering the bhatti classes.

‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ Program

‘Society Safe when Non-violence is practiced’

Opine speakers in ‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ Program

Mysuru, Aug.12- ‘In today’s world everybody expects a life with safety and security. Increasing cases of violence, cruelty and misbehavior have disturbed the mindset of people. There is a dire necessity of eschewing violence in public life as demanded by God in Gita’.  Such an opinion in its entirety was expressed by speakers participating in the program ‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ organized at Kalamindir by Brahma kumaris, Mysuru today.

In this well attended program three important speakers spoke on the message given in the Gita to alleviate the problems affecting the common man today.  The Additional Secretary General of Brahmakumaris BK Brij Mohanji from Mount Abu, Prof. K. Keshavamurthy, a well known thinker of the city and BK Veenaji, an experienced Rajyogi from Sirsi spoke on the occasion.

BK Brij Mohanji expressed that whenever there is devaluing of virtues God incarnates and such a time seems to be imminent. Everyone wishes to see a land of divine values to replace devilish tendencies which appear to be omnipresent. Evil nature in human being is responsible for his sorrow and disarray. If we can follow Gandhiji in practicing truth and non-violence viciousness can disappear. For that to happen we have to comply with Satdharma and be soul conscious in our attitude.

Everyone will have to suffer sorrow or enjoy happiness according to their Karma. For the society to see spiritual health in all strata the quality of Karma has to get enhanced. When a patient follows the suggestion given by his Doctor and follows a restricted diet, in the same way if everyone does his Karma by surrendering it to God then it is possible that the society can be cleansed of its dirt and a healthy society is established.

Prof. K. Keshavamurthy, a well known Gita exponent said that Yoga transforms an ordinary Karma to a dexterous one when we follow Gita. People are experiencing sorrow and suffering when they are slaves to sense organs. When we establish mastery over our five sense organs the Karma we perform would become a skilled Karma. This is the real Yoga. Therefore to implement the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita we have to perform our Karma by establishing Ourselves in Swadharma. When we obtain the knowledge of the soul our mind gets clarity and the thoughts that are created are more astute.

BK Veenaji of Sirsi told that Gita enables a dumb to speak and a lame to counter a hill. Also it gives the knowledge of leading a life of simplicity and serenity. When we study Gita our self confidence gets a boost. When we understand that the soul is immortal and the body is a costume of the soul, the panic and apprehensions of the mind disappear.  Gita acts like a torch light in our life. But we have to work hard for our own salvation. We have to understand the very settle knowledge as to who I am. When the remembrance of God settles in the mind of a person he can lead a life devoid of egoism, jealousy, hatred and other vices.

BK Lakshmiji in her presidential address expressed that Gandhiji called Gita as his mother. A child believes in its mother in all respects and in the same way human beings can experience goodness in life when they are earnest in their study of Gita.

Smt.Indrani Anantharamu sang melodiously songs on Krishna. BK Ramachandra Rao welcomed everyone. BK Sapna gave an account of the activities of Brahmakumaris. BK Krishnamurthy proposed vote of thanks. BK Ranganath compered the program. All the speakers were felicitated by presenting a memento of Krishna and Arjuna.


Photo Caption

Photo taken on the occasion of Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message arranged by Brahmakumaris at Kalamandir, Mysuru today. (L-R) BK Ranganath, BK Anand, BK Sapna, BK Brij Mohanji, Prof.K.Keshavamurthy, BK Lakshmiji, BK Veenaji, BK Ramachandra Rao and BK Krishnamurthy.



53rd ‘Ascension Anniversary’ of “Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati”


We are conducted the “53rd Mamma Day” at (Gyan Sarovar Retreat Center) -Mysore Sub-zone.

More than 500 BK’s gathering in Light House (Class Hall). Listening the Mamma day points with remembrance of mamma’s Purusharth-prerana & Yaad.

Then Laxmi Behan, and Senior Teacher’s put into the Bog to Mamma & Bapdada and finally Brahmin Family taken the Gift, Blessing Card and Sweets through Laxmi behan and other sisters.