Teacher’s Bhatti 2018

BK Nalini Didiji had conducted bhatti for Teachers at GSRC Mysuru from 25th September to 28th September 2018. Around 150 Teachers had participated in this 4 day Silence Bhatti with main theme as “Sarva Siddhi Swaroop Bhatti”.

The most wonderful thing that we experienced during this bhatti was we never felt, we never saw Mamma and Baba. Her unconditional love and affection, for one & all made the atmosphere so vibrant, no one wanted to leave. Her tireless service inspired all the teachers.

It was like learn while play experience. She never did classes to teach in an official pattern, but her simple words of daily instances taught us how to response in adverse circumstances.

Nalini didiji took everyone to Sakar Baba’s time, through shamshan yog, maakan mani, farishta walk etc. All the teachers were really overwhelmed by her presence and filled themselves with treasures of experience.