‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ Program

‘Society Safe when Non-violence is practiced’

Opine speakers in ‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ Program

Mysuru, Aug.12- ‘In today’s world everybody expects a life with safety and security. Increasing cases of violence, cruelty and misbehavior have disturbed the mindset of people. There is a dire necessity of eschewing violence in public life as demanded by God in Gita’.  Such an opinion in its entirety was expressed by speakers participating in the program ‘Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message’ organized at Kalamindir by Brahma kumaris, Mysuru today.

In this well attended program three important speakers spoke on the message given in the Gita to alleviate the problems affecting the common man today.  The Additional Secretary General of Brahmakumaris BK Brij Mohanji from Mount Abu, Prof. K. Keshavamurthy, a well known thinker of the city and BK Veenaji, an experienced Rajyogi from Sirsi spoke on the occasion.

BK Brij Mohanji expressed that whenever there is devaluing of virtues God incarnates and such a time seems to be imminent. Everyone wishes to see a land of divine values to replace devilish tendencies which appear to be omnipresent. Evil nature in human being is responsible for his sorrow and disarray. If we can follow Gandhiji in practicing truth and non-violence viciousness can disappear. For that to happen we have to comply with Satdharma and be soul conscious in our attitude.

Everyone will have to suffer sorrow or enjoy happiness according to their Karma. For the society to see spiritual health in all strata the quality of Karma has to get enhanced. When a patient follows the suggestion given by his Doctor and follows a restricted diet, in the same way if everyone does his Karma by surrendering it to God then it is possible that the society can be cleansed of its dirt and a healthy society is established.

Prof. K. Keshavamurthy, a well known Gita exponent said that Yoga transforms an ordinary Karma to a dexterous one when we follow Gita. People are experiencing sorrow and suffering when they are slaves to sense organs. When we establish mastery over our five sense organs the Karma we perform would become a skilled Karma. This is the real Yoga. Therefore to implement the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita we have to perform our Karma by establishing Ourselves in Swadharma. When we obtain the knowledge of the soul our mind gets clarity and the thoughts that are created are more astute.

BK Veenaji of Sirsi told that Gita enables a dumb to speak and a lame to counter a hill. Also it gives the knowledge of leading a life of simplicity and serenity. When we study Gita our self confidence gets a boost. When we understand that the soul is immortal and the body is a costume of the soul, the panic and apprehensions of the mind disappear.  Gita acts like a torch light in our life. But we have to work hard for our own salvation. We have to understand the very settle knowledge as to who I am. When the remembrance of God settles in the mind of a person he can lead a life devoid of egoism, jealousy, hatred and other vices.

BK Lakshmiji in her presidential address expressed that Gandhiji called Gita as his mother. A child believes in its mother in all respects and in the same way human beings can experience goodness in life when they are earnest in their study of Gita.

Smt.Indrani Anantharamu sang melodiously songs on Krishna. BK Ramachandra Rao welcomed everyone. BK Sapna gave an account of the activities of Brahmakumaris. BK Krishnamurthy proposed vote of thanks. BK Ranganath compered the program. All the speakers were felicitated by presenting a memento of Krishna and Arjuna.


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Photo taken on the occasion of Bhagavad Gita – A Life Message arranged by Brahmakumaris at Kalamandir, Mysuru today. (L-R) BK Ranganath, BK Anand, BK Sapna, BK Brij Mohanji, Prof.K.Keshavamurthy, BK Lakshmiji, BK Veenaji, BK Ramachandra Rao and BK Krishnamurthy.