World Spiritual Upliftment Day ( 143rd Brahma Baba Jayanti) Celebration at Yadavgiri Mysuru

143rd Brahma Baba Jayanti Celebration at Yadavgiri Mysuru

143rd Birth anniversary of Prajapita Brahma Baba is celebrated as World Spiritual Upliftment Day at Yadavagiri Mysore. Following guests are participated in this occasion.
* Sri Manjunath – Airport Director Mysuru
* Sri Jayasihma – Joint Director Mysuru Corporation.
* Sri Govinda Gowda -PWD road Contractor, Mysuru
* B.K. Lakshmi Didi – Sub Zone Incharge Mysuru.
* B.K Sharada Didi -Incharge Mandya.
* B.K Sharada Didi -Incharge Gyan Sarovar retreat centre Mysuru.

Summer Camp at Mysore Retreat Centre 2019

Brahma Kumaris Mysore Gyan Sarovar Retreat Center has organized a Summer Camp from 20th April 2019 to 22nd April 2019 for the students of STD 3rd to 10th. Among 100 Students from across & out the city are participating.

Following are few brief activities / sessions to be held in Summer Camp:

·         Value of Student Life 

  •    Developing the Memory Skill 
  •    Personality Development
  •    Overcoming Fears
  •    Thinking & Concentration Power
  •    Quiz and Games
  •    Learning Crafts
  •    Pick & speech Competition
  •    Easy Meditation and Yoga 

BK Pranesh Bhai, BK Rashmi Behn, BK Yathna Behn, BK Siddappa Bhai along with other dignitaries have attended the Summer camp.

 Some children are sharing their sweet experience on validity program. And Finally  BK Sharada behan ,and BK Pranesh bhai presenting the Godly Gift’s those who are WINNER’S  in several  competitions. And Every Children got the Certificate.

‘Women Development-Challenges and Opportunities’

’Role of women in protecting our culture significant”

 –opines Prof. K.S. Rangappa

 Mysore-Mar 10: ‘Contribution of women in nation building is memorable. Her sacrifices in protecting our culture which is rich in values and much advanced in maintaining quality human relations compared to other countries has to be duly recognized. Her role in safe guarding our family values is significant’, opined Prof. K.S.Rangappa, General President of Indian Science Congress and former vice chancellor of Mysore University.

He was speaking after inaugurating a public program at Brahma Kumaris, Yadavagiri, Mysore for celebrating International Women’s Day on ‘Women Development-Challenges and Opportunities’. I am a living example of how an inspiration given by a woman can change the destiny of a person. My parents were illiterate. But my mother coaxed me to develop interest in studies. She is a god to me, he said.

Prof. Indumati, former vice chancellor of Davangere University was the chief guest of the occasion. Woman speaks the language of silence. Still she is the busiest person in the family. Only she can create an environment of sustained development at home. Despite discrimination we must strive towards human development, but for this to happen a political will along with mental stability is required, she said.

Manjula Manasa, former chairperson of Karnataka State Women’s Commission said that life of a woman is of difficulty and suffering. She has to be aware of her rights. She is an epitome of tolerance and she is like an angel who deserves accolades for her unsung performances. Still it is an irony that in a place like Mysore four Family Courts are established to settle disputes, but still their hands are full. It shows our family system in poor light. Regardless of what is going on around her, regardless of the mountain of negativities encircling every family, woman must learn to keep calm and protect her family. In this regard the activities of Brahma Kumaris need to be commended for their service in training people to stabilize their minds and achieving their set goals.

BK Ranganath suggested that it is imperative in the present circumstances that everyone must learn to be healthy emotionally.

BK Lakshmiji blessed the participants and gave away godly gifts. BK Sharada, BK Yogeshwari, BK Rashmi, BK Manjula and BK Yatna was present.


Mahashivaratri Celebrated with fervour in Mysore

A display of the famous Twelve Dwadasha Jyotirlingas of India, reconstructed through models, was arranged in Yadavagiri Centre of Mysore on 3rd and 4th of March 2019.

MLA Nagendra, former MLA Vasu, builder Govinde Gowda, well known doctors of the city, Dr.M.S.Ranganath, Dr.JayashriRanganath, Dr.Mahesh Kumar, Dr.Paramesh and other dignitaries participated in the inaugural program.

MLA Nagendra said that every year Brahma Kumaris arrange many programs free of cost for the benefit of the public.

Former MLA Vasu emphasized that he has been observing Brahma Kumaris since a long time and what they are doing is real social service, because many people who come here regularly have transformed their lives for better.

Dr.Jayashri Ranganath said that she is really blessed to be associated with Brahma Kumaris. She expressed her inclination to visit Mount Abu at the earliest occasion.

On account of Shivaratri festival Shiva Dhwaj was unfurled at GyanSarovar retreat Centre. Hundreds of people gathered to witness the event and rejoiced thoroughly. Many medical professionals and guests revealed their experience of the recently arranged public programs at Mysore city.

On Shivratri day thousands of people visited Yadavagiri and Gyansarovarcentres and spent time to view the pictorial exhibition arranged for them.

Sister Lakshmiji, Sister Sharada, Brothers Nagraj, Ranganath, Ramachandra and many others participated in the events.

Medical Conference on MIND-BODY MEDICINE at Mysore

We are pleased to inform you that a conference for doctors was hosted by the Medical Wing of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at the Karnataka State Open University Convocation Hall (KSOU), Mysore. on Sunday, 24th Feb 2019.

About 1000 doctors participated in the day long deliberations, Brahma Kumaris Welcomed by applying ‘Tilak’ on their foreheads and greeted with flowers to all Doctors at entrance of the door and returned fulfilled with the inputs for achieving excellence in their profession.

Padma Shri Dr.G.Bhaktavatsalam, Chairman, KG Hospital, Coimbatore inaugurated the conference.

Dr. Rudrappa lauded the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in organizing such events which are very much necessary for a doctor to perform better in his profession.

Dr. BK Banarsi Bhai, Secretary of Medical Wing explained the activities of the wing.

Dr.BK Vishwanath Kini, Senior Consultant Radiologist, Qatar welcomed the  guests and the gathering.

Dr. B.Suresh, Vice Chancellor of JSS University, Mysore while delivering his address as Meditation helps in discharging such chemicals so that individuals are in a better position to take decisions when matter.

Dr. BK Mohit Gupta gave a presentation on ‘Revealing the Secrets of Mind’. He said that today science has proved that silencing the mind is necessary for better delivery of essential health services by the doctors.

“Sister BK Shivani” delivered lectures on ‘Healing the Healer’ and ‘Creating a Miracle-Celebrating Life’ which deeply influenced the participating doctors. She emphasized the need for the doctors to make life style changes that they themselves advocate their patients to follow.  She said that positive affirmations can transform food to ‘Prasad’ and water to ‘Amruth. This methodology can also be imbibed by patients to recover from illnesses.

“Mysore Suttur Mela” a part of Brahma Kumaris

The 18 feet tall Maha Shivalinga Darshan was organized by the Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Jatra Jubilee celebrations of Sattur Sri Shivaratriswara Shivayogi, famous in Karnataka. It was first recorded at “Wonder Book of World” when it was decorated with 1 lakh LEDs. In addition to the ‘Gyan Darshan’ and the ‘World Transition Exhibition’ and ‘the Permanent Yogic Movie Show’. About 10 lakh people have seen this Shiv linga darshan in the great event that day. Among them were the Swamijis, MLAs, and many others. All local papers have been elaborated. It was one of the most attractive attractions in the huge fair.

Suttur Peetadeeshwar, Chunanagiri Peetadeeshwar and Ex. MLA. Vasu, BK Prabhamani Behn, BK Pranesh Brother, etc., celebrated the light of the lamp.

BK Lakshi Behnji , the head of the Brahma kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mysore, who took part in the program on ‘Agriculture seminar’, said the farmers are happy with the backbone of the country and the life of the farmers, regardless of all these, they will see God in labor. Farmers’ suicides have been increasing in recent years. This is because of lack of support for the crop; farmers should have their minds inner and external solidarity. Humans have to develop patience, courage, and morale, so that they can achieve something. He explained that in the remembrance of the Lord and with good intentions, success is achieved.

At the end of the ceremony, BK Laxmi Behnji was honored with the honor.

More than 50 BK’s from the Brahma Kumari University were present at the same premises and provided the good news of life along with the awareness of the health of people who came to Shiv linga Darshan.

“Community Living Camp” for the year 2019 at Mysore

This is to inform you that “Sree Narayana College of Education, mahe(Kerala)” organizing a ‘Community Living Camp’on 21st to 24th January 2019 at Gyan Sarovar Retreat Center Mysore, Karnataka. 100 B.Ed Trainees attend this program.

 It would be our pleasure and honor that the camp program includes the several classes like Rajayoga Meditation Session’s, Education & Self Management, etc and Yoga & Physical Training, Games, Activities, Quiz Competition, Cultural programmes.

 BK Laxmi Behn –Mysore Sub-Zone Incharge, giving blessings on inaugural speech & wishes to all camp trainees who become a “Future Teachers”.

 Dr. N. K. Ramakrishnan – Chairman, Sree Narayana College of Education,

Dr. A. Unnikrishnan- Principal and T.V. Sreekumar- Camp coordinator were well facilitate the camp schedule and taken over complete responsibility by all team members and good support & encouraging the trainees.  

 BK Yogeshwari  Behn conducted the Rajayoga Sessions, God realization and practicing the Raja Yoga Meditation to all trainees. & BK Ramachandra Rao Brother,  BK Manjula Behn & Dr. Y.N. Sridhar taken the other Sessions, totally these classes are deeply experience about ourselves and inner powers to easily helpful for utilizing the value based life style, even also maintain the peace of mind, purifying thoughts level, progressing holistic life skills.  

Trainees are enjoying lots of peace & happiness around the campus by games and silent environment. At last trainees tell their opinions at the valedictory program and received the Certificates and someone got the Prizes.


50th Ascension Day of Brahma Baba – 18th Jan 2019

Avyakth Smruthi Divas @ Gyan Sarovar, Mysore.

500 BK’s Participated in this day with Silently and in Baba’s Yaad